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rummy affiliate
gin rummy affiliate program
Rummy, Gin Rummy, Gin, and other rummy games.
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rummy affiliate
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RummyAffiliates won CAP Euro 2008 and CAP Euro 2009 Best affiliate program for skill gaming.

Chose your own Rummy Affiliate Program:

Revenue Share
Sub affiliates - pays through 4 tiers
For Hybrid deals and Tailor made deals please register and your affiliate manager will contact you.

Rummy Affiliate revenue sharing percentages range from 30% to 50% depending on monthly player rake.

CPA (cost per acquisition) ranges from $75. to $125. depending on number of monthly players.

Rummy Affiliate Sub-Affiliate Payment Plan.

Recruit other rummy affiliates and we will give you a percentage of their revenues (depending on the specific payment plan you have chosen).

Current Payment Plan for Sub-affiliates: 4 tier plan:

1st Tier 15% of all direct Sub-Affiliate Revenue.

2nd Tier 3% of all Sub-Affiliate Revenue.

3rd Tier 1% of all Sub-Affiliate Revenue.

4th Tier 0.5% of all Sub-Affiliate Revenue.

If you have a CPA deal please contact your
account manager to get full details.

Please note  even if you have a CPA deal,
revenues from sub-affiliation will be paid in
rev share model only.

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